RUBIX KUBE has seen and rocked a million faces for over a decade, based out of New York City. “The EIGHTIES STRIKE BACK Show” has now gone cross-country, opening its doors in California starring its [twisted] sister band Rubix Kube LA. West-coasters will have more regular access to the ultimate experience that has earned the title of ‘The Most Original ’80s Tribute Band’. Led by frontman Paulie Z – of the band ZO2 and the TV series Z Rock – and frontwoman Lucia Marco, the LA chapter’s lead singers also morph into the voice & character of the biggest ’80s stars, which is The KUBE’s signature. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cher, Prince, Devo, Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses, Ozzy, Twisted Sister and more come to life right before your very eyes, on the same stage, in one concert! With some of Hollywood’s most excellent musicians, the band as a whole can cover all the genres and styles the ’80s had to offer, from Pop, Rock to New Wave, and from Dance to Hair Metal!

Prepare for the most bodacious, totally rad and ultimate time-warp back to The ’80s with Rubix Kube LA!!